We Will Be Kings

Publication Date:  January 2016, Mulholland Books, Little Brown/Hodder & Stoughton, (US and UK release)
It’s early summer but already the city is in the grips of a heat wave, which doesn’t help tensions any as the fractures within Boston’s underworld are finding their way to the streets in payback shoot-outs between various mob factions and the police. When a body is discovered at the Charlestown locks, tarred and feathered and shot through the head, it appears to be a gangland killing, and almost immediately dismissed. However, Cal’s cousin, BPD detective, Owen Lackey, realizes that with this murder there may be much more at stake than his superiors realize. Urgent to uncover those who are responsible, he reaches out to Cal and Dante from the old neighborhood to help search the Irish-American enclaves of Dudley Square, Dorchester and South Boston for some sign of the killers. It is a journey that will take them into the shadowy, unspoken parts of Boston, a world of packed dance halls, Irish wakes and funeral parlors, of down-and-out immigrant rooming houses, bars, and secret meeting halls, and, ultimately, to the discovery of a terrorist plot that will shake the city to its core and bring them head-to-head not only with Cal’s past but with the IRA Army Council itself.

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